How do I upload my own profile photo?

A custom profile photo will make it easier for you and the hosts of sessions identify you.  In order to upload your own custom profile photo, you’ll need to create a free account.

Once you have your own minapsys account, go to “settings” on the left tab and click on “edit” under the profile photo and follow the instructions!

How do I check the schedule of the session?

There’s three stages in each minapsys session, meaning there’s 3 different sets deadlines, too.  Minapsys will send you email notifications when the stages begin, but if you’d like to know the schedule of these stages, click on the calendar icon on the top right hand area of the session’s page.  

How do I contact the host?

Since minapsys is only a group Q&A discussion tool, there are no direct messaging features. Please contact your host directly via email, phone or in person! You will see your host’s email address in the very first email when the session begins (the subject line will begin with “Please respond”).

Things to know

What is minapsys? 

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I don’t have an account.  How do I participate?

Minapsys is made to be easy for you!  You don’t have to create an account to participate in sessions.  Once the host of the session includes you in their session, you’ll be allowed to participate using the buttons and links provided to you in the notification emails.  You’ll receive an email for every stage (Stage 1, 2, 3 and the Results) and you will be redirected to the participation page in your web browser by clicking on the button.  We create unique links for every single participant so we know who is doing what.  If you want, you can create your own account with minapsys.  As a free user of minapsys, your account will show you an archive of all of the sessions you've been included in.

Why is minapsys anonymous?

All of the participants are anonymous to each other in minapsys sessions. Only the host (administrator) of a session will be able to see everyone’s names.  Minapsys is a tool for efficient group collaboration on ideas; we believe that when it comes to collaborating on ideas, it’s better if everyone focuses on the idea itself and not by whom it was said. 

Participating in the Response Stage

What is the response stage?

It’s the first stage when a session starts.  In this stage, a participant will be asked to respond to the host’s question.  There is a time limit and a maximum character limit for submitting responses, which you’ll see when you access the session in your web browser.  

How do I access the Response Stage?

When the session starts, the first stage is the Response stage.  You’ll receive an email notifying you that the stage has started.  In this email, there will be a button to click that will take you to the session in your web browser.  You can enter and submit your response from this page. 

How do I write and submit a response?

You can participate in a session once you’ve accessed the session page on your web browser (either by clicking the button in the email or by logging into your account if you have one).  Remember, each stage has a deadline, so make sure to participate on time! If you don’t submit your response before the deadline, you will not be able to participate in the remaining stages.  

To write your answer, click on the text box area under the timeline.  There will be a blue box with instructions. Just click on it and you will be able to type in your response.  The host will set a maximum character limit for your responses which are usually 200 to 300 characters, so try to keep your responses focused and succinct!  Once you’re satisfied with your response, click “submit” on the bottom right hand corner of the text box.  

What happens if I don’t submit a response before the deadline?

Anyone who does not submit a response before the deadline is treated as a someone who opted out of the session.  These users will not be able to participate in the session anymore.  They will not receive any more emails regarding that session, including the notification email for the results.  However, non-participants can still view the results when they become available by clicking on the button in the original email when the session ends and view the results.  

Participating in the Collaboration Stage

What is the collaboration stage?

The collaboration stage is the second stage and starts once the Response stage has finished. It’s the “brainstorming” part of the session, where you can get inspired by your group members and rework your response. 
In this stage, you will be given about 5 responses from your group to review and consider.  You can then re-write, add to, or edit your original response and submit your final answer.  The maximum character limit for the response will be doubled in this stage.

For an overview of the minapsys process, watch the video in the  “what is  minapsys” question in this section.

What happens if I forget to participate in the collaboration stage?

If you forget to submit your final answer before the deadline of the collaboration stage, you’ll still be able to participate in the next stage, which is the Evaluation stage.  You will receive an email notification when the Evaluation stage beings.  Instead of evaluating a final answer, your group members will be evaluating your first response you submitted in the Response stage.

Can I change my final response even though it’s already been submitted?

As long as there is still time in the collaboration stage, you may change and re-submit your final answer as many times as you’d like.  Just don’t forget to click “submit”!

Participating in the Evaluation Stage

What is the evaluation stage?

The evaluation stage is the 3rd and final stage of the minapsys session.  It comes after the collaboration stage is finished.
In this stage, participants are asked to rate 5 of the group’s final answers using a start system (0.5 stars to 5 stars).
Minapsys will calculate the average score from these ratings to rank the responses in the results. 

For an overview of the minapsys process, watch the video in the  “what is  minapsys” question in this section.

What happens if I forget to participate in the Evaluation stage?

No problem, you’ll still be notified when the results come in.  However it’s always better to have everyone rate the responses because it gives a more well-rounded score for the results.  

Can I change the ratings I give even though they've been submitted?

As long as there is still time left in this stage, you can go back and change the ratings.  Just re-click the stars.  You won’t need to click any “submit” button as the ratings are automatically saved.

Results of a Minapsys Session

Who gets to see the results, and when? 

Everyone who was included in the session has access to the results.  However, only those who have submitted a response are considered ‘participants’ and these users will be the only ones who will receive an email notification when the results are ready. 

The results are immediately made available to the group when the last stage (Evaluation stage) is finished.

Are the results anonymous?

Yes.  Results are anonymous to group members.  The only person who can see the names of the participants is the host.

If I don’t participate in the session, will I still be able to access the results?

While you will not receive any email notification, you may still access the results by clicking on the button in the first email (the subject line will begin with “Please respond”).

How are the scores calculated? 

Minapsys will take an average of the ratings given by the group members.  In some cases, if many members did not participate in the Evaluation stage, there will be no score for certain responses because they did not get rated by anybody.