getting started

Free vs. Enterprise: What's the difference?

Free users can participate in sessions.  They can also create an account to access the archives of all of the sessions they've participated in.  The only thing free users cannot do is create sessions themselves.  That is a paid, enterprise account feature.

Enterprise users are paying customers who have the ability to create and launch sessions with anybody.  Generally our Enterprise customers are companies and there are many enterprise users within that account.  

To set up an Enterprise account for your company
, view our enterprise set-up guide here.  

If you know your company already has an enterprise account, ask your company’s designated minapsys manager to contact us to upgrade your privileges. 

Create your first session in minapsys.

Creating your first session is easy but requires a bit of preparation.

1. Identify your audience.   Are they external or internal stakeholders?  Do they know about minapsys and how to participate? If not, then you’ll want to send them an explanation email prior to starting your first session with them.  It might be useful to include this video in your email and session.  View this guide on Onboarding and Improving Engagement.  
2. Create your group(s).  Watch the video below and learn how to create your first group.  You only need email addresses.  An example of a group could be “Asia Branch Managers” or “Spring 2015 Level 2 Students.”
3. Create your question(s).  The question is the most important part of a minapsys discussion.  It needs to ask for a specific answer from the group.  View this guide on Effective Questions. 

Now watch this short video that will show you step by step how to start your first session:

Tracking your session and participants

Once you’ve launched your session, you can track its progress, the activity of the participants, and view responses, collaborations and evaluations come in in real time. 


Who opened the invitation email?  Has everyone submitted a response?  See all of this inside the Activity Tracker.


As the host of a session, you get first access to all of the responses, collaborations, evaluations and final results before anyone else.  As your participants submit their tasks, you will be able to view them from your account.   Don't forget, you’ll also be able to view the participants’ names while they will always remain anonymous to each other.  

Add or remove participants in a session.

Sometimes you’ll send an email and realize there are recipients that you weren’t intending on including.  With email, you won’t be able to take it back.  With minapsys, you have the chance to add, remove and edit participants of a session just as long it is during the Response Stage.   

important tips

changes can only be made during the response stage
changes will be made inside the group page (and not in the session page)

What do participants experience?

Below we outline what people experience when you include them in a minapsys session. 

what emails do they receive?

Everyone in your group will receive the first invitation email.  This email will ask them to participate in your session.  If they click on the button in the email, it will open up the session in their web browser where they can submit a response.  Those who have submitted a response will be official “participants” of a session and will receive all of the remaining emails for the Collaboration stage, Evaluation stage, Results, and if you leave any, Feedback.  Those who do not submit a response to your session will be treated as “unsubscribers” for this session and will not receive any more emails regarding this specific session.

what does each stage look like for participants?

Each stage is a little bit different for the participants.  

Leave feedback for your session

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