Minapsys Features

online communication should have features specifically designed for optimizing online usage

Features for Participants

Skip the log-in

Minapsys generates a unique participation link for everyone invited to join a discussion.  This means that participants don't even need to create an account to join the conversation!  Click the button inside the email, and you’re good to go.  Minapsys will use your unique link to remember that it's you.

Limit cognitive overload and think with clarity. 

With minapsys, it’s not about memorization or information regurgitation.  We increase knowledge retention with our critical thinking model- that’s why we’ve implemented the 3 key features:

Short responses =
more focus,
less chatter.

Automated Email Notifications

No need to keep logging in to know if the next stage started.  Minapsys automatically sends all of the participants notification emails in the following situations:
- beginning of each stage
- reminder emails sent by the host
- results are available for everyone to view.

features for hosts

Create your session in minutes

Write your question, select your participants, and decide the duration of the discussion.  Click “start" and you're ready to go. 

Track everyone's activities 

Easily know if all of your participants are participating in each stage and accomplishing their tasks.  We also notify you if they haven't viewed your discussion yet, or if the email bounces due to an incorrect email address or firewall.

Send reminder emails to non-participants with 1-click

Unlike email and other communication tools, Minapsys discussions have deadlines.   If you notice that a few of your participants have not submitted their responses yet, you can easily send them a reminder and a custom message.

No-hassle automated email prompts for each stage

Every participant will receive an email from minapsys notifying them in the following situations:
- Session started (Beginning of the response stage)
- At the beginning of the Collabortion Stage and Evaluation stage
- When the sessions has ended and results are open for viewing
- Feedback from the host

Export the results as a spreadsheet or pdf

As the host, you get to export the results as a file and share them.  If you’d like to rearrange or alter the data, try exporting as a CSV and open it up in excel.