let’s get started

setting up an enterprise account at your company

Many companies are generating profits by using minapsys as new product/service offering.  Others are benefiting from its time-saving communication method for internal teams.  We are passionate about providing the highest quality service and tailor made support to ensure that minapsys is implemented effectively at your company.   Please see the following 4 steps involved in a successful Enterprise Account set up and adoption.
First, reach out to us with a bit of information to get started.

If you've made the decision to use minapsys, or are still considering, the best thing to do is to reach out to us.  We’ll need a bit of information to help you first, and give you an accurate quote.  Please email us at support@minapsys.com and we’ll contact you within 1 business day.  At this point, please refer to Part Two below.

A minapsys account manager will contact you.

A minapsys account manager will be there for you to discuss implementation and pricing.  Once your enterprise account subscription has been confirmed through a contract, we’ll send you a invoice and get started on activating your accounts.  

Enterprise Package

1) Account set-up and technical support
2) Monthly subscription of $10/user at 100 user minimum (10% discount applies for 1-year upfront payment)
The total users in a subscription is calculated by combining two types of users:
a. the number of host users (your employees who will be able to create and launch their own sessions)
b.  the monthly number of unique participants that are included in sessions  
3) Ten hours of onboarding consulting and training  (rates vary)

Let’s set up your subscription and apply privileges for your users.

In order for your users to be able to create and launch their own sessions on minapsys, we’ll need to change their technical privileges to become “host” users. 
Please provide your account manager at minapsys with a spreadsheet or text file with a list of the host user’s email addresses.
When applying the privileges, you have the option to ask us to send out a generic minapsys email notifying them their accounts have been upgraded and they can either log-in or create an account.  Many clients also send out their own emails to the users to notify them of their new access privileges and go to this page and create their minapsys account.

Creating your success stories- onboarding and consulting

To ensure a successful implementation, it’s important that everyone is on board and understand the uses and roles minapsys will play in the business.  Your minapsys account manager will help you with the planning and implementation.  Onboarding can be organized into the following topics:
1) Plan, define and communicate how minapsys will be used to augment business or create a new product offering to current clients.
2) Explore and define the roles your employees will have when using minapsys (content creation, hosting and managing sessions, to participating)
3) Training: whatever role your employees will play, it’s important that they know how minapsys works.  Training can be provided by a minapsys account manager in person, over a webinar, or a guide created specifically for your company and your business use case.