Fighting the FORGETTING curve

A simple social learning platform for training retention.

Bite-sized, social and spread out over multiple days, minapsys uses critical thinking exercises to support training retention.

Without follow-up, knowledge just slips away with time.

What do you think?
20 minutes of critical thinking spread out over 12 days is more empowering than 20 minutes of boring, multiple choice questions. See our training case study with a Motivational Interviewing Training company, IFIOC.

The first 5-minute task is independent thinking.

Before any collaboration begins, we make sure everyone has independently thought of an idea.  In this first stage, we ask learners to submit a response within a short character limit (200 to 300 characters!), so their responses will be short and succinct, and most importantly- quick to do!

Efficient and collaborative brainstorming for critical thinking.

In this second stage, learners will be given 5 of their anonymous peers’ ideas to consider and learn from.  Then, each individual will re-write or edit their response to create their final answer.  Minapsys cuts through the chatter and gets to the heart of the matter with it’s simple and time-saving methodology of social learning.

End the session with quick peer evaluation for effective mind-excersises.

In the third (and last) stage, learners are asked to rate about 5 of their peers’ final answers.  The act of reasoning and evaluation is another way Minapsys gets your learners to think critically about the subject.  

Transparent and Easy! 
Results are immediately shared to the participants when the session is over.

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