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gamified DISCUSSIONS with deadlines

response submitted at 10AM
response submitted at 1pm
response submitted at 4pm
response submitted at 5pm

On the same page with asynchronous dialogue. 

Minapsys offers busy individuals to collaborate according to their schedule.  While tasks in each of the 3 discussion stages are accomplished asynchronously, participants move to the next stages at the same time. 


only bite-sized messages allowed

Busy professionals are plugged in all day, every day, and time is increasingly precious.  Minapsys helps keep everyone engaged and efficient during each of the 3 stages.  At only 5 minutes per stage, spread over a few days, anyone can handle that.

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a productive critical thinking formula

When collaborating or problem solving, we believe what matters is the quality of ideas, not who said them.
Minapsys prevents biases and other distractions with anonymous collaboration.  Only the host of the discussion will be able to see and track participants. 

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